Oysi Chassis Assembly

This video covers assembly and installation of Oysi Medium Chassis 65mm, also applies to Oysi Inline Skating Chassis 72mm, and you might find it helpful for many UFS aggressive skating frames.

• Installation of sidewall spacers requires press fit in most cases. Here is the link to the video specifically covering press fitting of the spacers


• Oysi Chassis requires a modification to your soul plate in order to create a recess for the outer wheels which can be done with or without tools (dremel)



• Oysi Chassis requires specific UFS fasteners (M6-1.0 ISO 7380-2 Button Flange). These are included in the hardware package. Don’t use any other type of fastener when installing the Oysi Chassis to your boot!


• Coping Mode: Place the nylon washers under the externally threaded male axle fastener. This will offset the axle head to extend past the outer frame wall. Contact with the coping will be made first with the axle head before the outer frame wall touches. Don’t use the nylon washers for anything else!

Please feel free to contact us with any questions either at oysius.com/contact, or through Instagram or Facebook.