UFS Fasteners

The Oysi Inline Skating Chassis Requires use of standard M6-1.0 ISO 7380-2 Class 10.9 metric fasteners – (photo 1).

ISO 7380-2 fasteners feature an integrated low profile flange which properly distributes forces through the Universal Frame System (UFS) mounting area of the chassis and its contours.

Additionally these fasteners provide necessary clearance for the middle wheels.

Eight of these fasteners are included in the hardware pack with every complete set to accommodate various boots.

The correct fastener will sit easily within the UFS mount. The flange will fit flush with the surrounding surface – (photo 2 & 3).

Sets of bare frames do not include these UFS fasteners and must be purchased separately to properly mount your #OysiChassis

Be-Mag – Company Profile

Jonathan Labez and Ryan Loewy put together a very cool Be-Mag Company Profile for Oysi.

Jonathan’s cohesive, colorful stills and portraits are a welcome addition to his incredible action shots.

Thanks to Luke Bender for getting a timely portrait of Greg Freeman to accompany this article.

Many thanks to our riders Greg Freeman, Miguel Ramos, Robbie Pitts and Andy Leitermann for their dedication to blading.

You can download the high resolution images of Jonathan’s photo for use as a wallpaper here ( Be-Mag – Company Profile – Wallpapers )

Oysi – Wheel Menu

Oysi - Wheel Menu - As Updated For Blading Cup

Oysi - Wheel Menu - As Updated For Blading Cup

Rock’rd Roll setups provide 0.45 mm rocker.

If you are hungry for some extra agility and quickness in your turns definitely try the Ramos Vamos special ( 0.95 mm rocker ).

Either stack of Flat Jacks will provide a flat rocker ( 0 mm ).

When you’re in the mood for something a little different the Banana Split will satisfy ( 1.45 mm rocker ).

The Oysi – Inline Skating Chassis is not designed to be skated anti-rocker or free-style.