Oysi Presents – West Los Angeles Blade Sessions – CHURCH

Church by Nic Brendan ( @no.k.nic ) is a video composed from footage of bladers all across the greater Los Angeles area over two years of West Los Angeles Blade Sessions happening every Sunday at 10am.

In that time we’ve rolled with so many amazing bladers in the area and filmed it all.

Please join us in this wonderful celebration of life, blading, and great times with friends.

Featuring Sections from –

Isaac Desanto @isaacdesanto  • Garret Kanter @littleladyeggyroller666  • Nic Brendan @no.k.nic

Appearances by –

Jeremy @soderburg_  • Kenji @yeedaze  • Brian @corporalcream  • Oscar @oscar_sosa91  • Brooks @brooks_inline  • Jacob @youngbouzyinline  • Matt @intuitionskateshop  • Michael @garlinghouse  • Joe @joejimenez_ • Cletus @cletus_kuhn  • Damian @dabghost_333  • Jeff @jeffkolada  • Andy @andy_bonder • and more.