Robbie Pitts Fluro Green Pro Model Chassis

We have been working on this for quite some time and are extremely excited to finally release the Robbie Pitts Pro Model Oysi Inline Skating Chassis!

Available at in all wheelbase lengths: 281mm, 269mm, and 257mm

Fluro Green colorway includes fluorescent pigment to enhance Robbie’s favorite color and create a very unique appearance that yields a self illuminating effect and also results in color variation with changes in ambient light. It’s incredibly hard to capture this in the photos and it looks simply amazing in person.

Featuring laser etched graphics designed by Robbie Pitts.

Robbie is a very talented rollerblader who’s skating style is truly unique and luckily for us it is well complemented by what is offered in the Oysi Chassis.

In addition to many video sections and hosting several pop-up film presentations of rollerblading film collection, Robbie has been a staple in rollerblading over many many years.

Through his pursuit of uncommon movements on skates, matched with such distinctly identifiable style, Robbie generates a great enthusiasm for those around to simply follow their passions, be themselves, and enjoy what you love.

Photos by Brandon Smith

Oysi Chassis Assembly

This video covers assembly and installation of Oysi Medium Chassis 65mm, also applies to Oysi Inline Skating Chassis 72mm, and you might find it helpful for many UFS aggressive skating frames.

• Installation of sidewall spacers requires press fit in most cases. Here is the link to the video specifically covering press fitting of the spacers

• Oysi Chassis requires a modification to your soul plate in order to create a recess for the outer wheels which can be done with or without tools (dremel)

• Oysi Chassis requires specific UFS fasteners (M6-1.0 ISO 7380-2 Button Flange). These are included in the hardware package. Don’t use any other type of fastener when installing the Oysi Chassis to your boot!

• Coping Mode: Place the nylon washers under the externally threaded male axle fastener. This will offset the axle head to extend past the outer frame wall. Contact with the coping will be made first with the axle head before the outer frame wall touches. Don’t use the nylon washers for anything else!

Please feel free to contact us with any questions either at, or through Instagram or Facebook.

Oysi Medium Chassis Pre-Order

Oysi – Medium Chassis 65Pre-Order

Oysi Medium Chassis Black 257mm

Pre-Order at

While adhering to the same performance design principles as the original Oysi Inline Skating Chassis, we’ve packaged a similar skating experience into a more compact form to complement smaller boot sizes.

The Oysi Medium Chassis65 is designed to ride flat using a combination of 65mm outer and 58mm inner wheels and is available in either 257mm or 269mm wheelbase lengths each of which provide the same size groove.

Effective use of the space beneath your feet yields an uncompromised groove, responsive control, and low profile.

Featuring a 5.7mm lower ride height and 4.2mm reduction in groove height, the Oysi Medium Chassis65 is designed to hug your soul.

Designed and Manufactured in the USA. (Sold in Pairs.)

Familiarize yourself with the chassis by reviewing the Technical Specifications.

Please review our Quick Reference Rocker Table and utilize our Rocker Calculator to help with determining your wheel selection.

( Max Outer Wheel Diameter: 68mm | Max Inner Wheel Diameter: 60.00mm )

Fitment of 63mm through 68mm wheels on the outer axlesRequires Modification of the Soul Plate to create a clear recess above the chassis mounting plane. ( Soul Plate Modification Template )

For sizing information please see our Chassis Fit Templates

Each Pair Includes:

  • 8 x Standard 8mm Axles
  • 16 x Metal Sidewall spacers
  • 4 x ISO Class 10.9 UFS Fastener (12mm length)
  • 4 x ISO Class 10.9 UFS Fastener (16mm length)
  • 16 x Nylon Washers for Coping Mode
  • 100% Recycled Retail Box Made in the USA

Medium Chassis Fit Template

Print and Cut out these templates to see how the Medium Chassis65 will fit relative to your boot size.

Medium Chassis65 with 257mm wheelbase is recommended for boot sizes US 8.5 [ EU 41 ] and smaller.

Medium Chassis65 with 269mm wheelbase is recommended for boot sizes US 8-10 [EU 40-43] and larger.

( Oysi Inline Skating Chassis wheelbase of 281mm is recommended for boot sizes US 9.5-12 [ EU 42 – 45 ] )

These recommendations are relative to foot length (mm), corresponding to nominal shoe sizes, to provide a longer wheelbase than is is traditionally used for these sizes, which is the intended function of the chassis.

There is some overlap, and wheelbase length preference is ultimately up to how each person prefers their skating to feel and of course how each person prefers their setup to look.

PDF files below can be printed out for a test fit with your own boot to see how the different sizes will look and help you to make a decision regarding your preferred wheelbase length.

Oysi Medium Chassis Fit Template 257mm

Oysi Medium Chassis Fit Template 269mm

OY3X – Introduction

OY3X – 3 x 100mm / 3 x 100mm / 3 x 125mm

The OY3X chassis provides two unique wheelbases and fits both UFS ( universal frame system ) and Recreational 165mm mount boots offering the following wheel setups – more information here – OY3X.

Please note these clarifications:

– Wheelbase for the final production OY3X chassis are:

• 3x 110 / 3x 125 use a 283mm Wheelbase

• 3x 100 uses a 247mm Wheelbase

– Fasteners included are the following and different from described and shown in the video

• 4x M6-1.0 ISO 7380-2 Button Flange -12mm length

• 2x M6-1.0 ISO 7380-2 Button Flange – 16mm length

• 2x M6-1.0 ISO 7380-2 Button Flange – 20mm length

• 4x M6-1.0 ISO 7380-2 Button Head – 25mm length

• 12x Stainless Steel Washers for M6 fasteners

• 2x 5/16″-18 Fastener for Rec Boots with ‘Deluxe Mounts’

Oysi Chassis Logo T-Shirt

Oysi – Chassis Logo T-Shirts

Turquoise Chassis Logo printed on Super Comfy Bella+Canvas 3001 – 52/48 Cotton/Poly Blend and 100% Cotton shirts.

Product Details

recycle logo 100% No Sweatshops & Eco-Friendly


This updated unisex essential fits like a well-loved favorite, featuring a crew neck, short sleeves and designed with superior Airlume combed and ring-spun cotton that acts as the best blank canvas for printing. Offered in a variety of solid and heather cvc colors.


  • Sideseamed
  • Retail fit
  • Unisex sizing
  • Shoulder taping.


  • Solid Colors: 100% Airlume combed and ring-spun cotton, 32 single 4.2 oz. (Ash – 99% Airlume combed and ring-spun cotton, 1% poly)
  • Heather CVC/Blend Colors: 52% Airlume combed and ring-spun cotton, 48% poly (Ath. Heather – 90% Airlume combed and ring-spun cotton, 10% poly)
  • Black Heather CVC: 90% Airlume combed and ring-spun cotton, 10% poly
  • Prism: 99% Airlume combed and ring-spun cotton, 1% poly

Oysi Radial Ball Bearings

Oysi Radial Ball Bearings

Oysi Radial Ball Bearings

  • 100% Recyclable and Biodegradable Packaging
  • Biodegradable, Plant Derived, Extreme Pressure Lubricant ( non-petroleum based )
  • Each Container includes:
    • ( 8x ) 608 Bearing:
      • 5μm Precision ( Abec 7 )
      • Single Shield
      • Alloy Steel Components (HRC 60 minimum)
      • Nylon Retainer
    • ( 4x ) 8mm Steel Bearing Spacers
  • Packaged and Prepared by Oysi in Los Angeles, CA

Unfortunately our bearing supplier is unable to supply us with these bearings……we’re searching for an alternative that provides the same quality, pricing, and would be able to incorporate our plant based lubricant.

Meanwhile there are plenty of good bearings out there so be sure to support one of your other favorite inline skating bearing companies!