Rock n Roller – Aggressive Skating Winter 2020

Been collecting clips since start of 2020, wanted to make an all banger street edit just based on The Rock of Gibraltar, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the global lockdown measures, I have decided to finish it with filler clips and b-roll.

Yesterday was my birthday, 39 yrs young!

And after 25 plus years of rolling around, all around, my passion is still at 100%, but my poor body is starting to complain!

Hope you enjoy it, as is, cause “I” never seem to be satisfied. On to the next…


Oysi Presents – Hazen Bell

Hazen ( @father_razorclam ) approached me (@thebasstasticvoyage) about making a section for Oysi with him a few months ago, and I jumped at the chance. He is, in my opinion, one of the most well-rounded bladers to ever come out of Utah, as well as one of my personal favorite skaters. Most of these sessions were just the two of us, with Hazen the one doing all the skating. His trick selection, focus, and dedication were incredibly impressive to witness and a joy to capture. I hope you enjoy watching this as much as I enjoyed making it! Also, shout out to Jett Rennert ( @jettrenn ), who snagged a few impressive clips of his own and helped out a bit behind the lens — another unbelievably talented and underrated Utah skater.

Thanks Jett!

All filmed in Salt Lake City area.

Shot on DVX100. Music: “Thumb Cutter”

Thee Oh Sees “Keeping it Moving” – A Tribe Called Quest

Oysi Presents – West Los Angeles Blade Sessions – CHURCH

Church by Nic Brendan ( @no.k.nic ) is a video composed from footage of bladers all across the greater Los Angeles area over two years of West Los Angeles Blade Sessions happening every Sunday at 10am.

In that time we’ve rolled with so many amazing bladers in the area and filmed it all.

Please join us in this wonderful celebration of life, blading, and great times with friends.

Featuring Sections from –

Isaac Desanto @isaacdesanto  • Garret Kanter @littleladyeggyroller666  • Nic Brendan @no.k.nic

Appearances by –

Jeremy @soderburg_  • Kenji @yeedaze  • Brian @corporalcream  • Oscar @oscar_sosa91  • Brooks @brooks_inline  • Jacob @youngbouzyinline  • Matt @intuitionskateshop  • Michael @garlinghouse  • Joe @joejimenez_ • Cletus @cletus_kuhn  • Damian @dabghost_333  • Jeff @jeffkolada  • Andy @andy_bonder • and more.

Church ( Promo )

Two years ago we started skating every Sunday at 10am. Over that time we’ve rolled with so many amazing bladers in the LA area and filmed it all.

Please join us in this wonderful celebration of life, blading, and great times with friends as @oysius presents – CHURCH.

Graphics and Edit by @no.k.nic

Appearances by

Jeremy @soderburg_  • Kenji @yeedaze  • Brian @corporalcream  • Oscar @oscar_sosa91  • Brooks @brooks_inline  • Jacob @youngbouzyinline  • Matt @intuitionskateshop  • Michael @garlinghouse  • Joe @joejimenez_ • Cletus @cletus_kuhn  • Damian @dabghost_333  • Jeff @jeffkolada  • Andy @andy_bonder • and more.

A Few Days In The Netherlands With Hazen Bell

Blader Union article by Hazen Bell
Video by Cavin Brinkman
Photography by Hazen Bell, Tazshia, Cavin Brinkman and Json Adriani

When I first reached out to Cavin to meet up and skate and potentially do some filming we had never met. But rollerblading being the small community it is we both had mutual friends. My girlfriend and I had planned for two weeks in Amsterdam and the surrounding areas, and with nothing much planned besides a few museums and visiting her great grandfathers native town I knew I wanted to try and do something productive on rollerblades. 

Cavin and I met on a rainy day at a train station, I think we were both curious as to how this would go. We ended up having a pretty productive afternoon which I think gave us both some motivation for the coming sessions.

We ended up meeting up four different days, one of them was in The Hague which had some really interesting spots. Being able to ride a bike and take public transportation to a different part of town to hit different spots wasn’t something I’d ever experienced before now but was definitely a good way to take in the country I was visiting.

We got the last clip at the last spot on the last day and once we got over the general excitement it was fairly obvious to us that we had got what we needed and called it a wrap. Huge thank you to Cavin for being down for all that this edit has entailed, to my girlfriend Tazshia for always supporting me and my rollerblading, and to Json Adriani for the solid backslide clip!

Be-Mag Blade Check | Hazen Bell

Introduction and Photographs by Cavin Brinkman

When Hazen hit me up about getting some clips when he would visit the Netherlands,  I was down straight away. It’s always fun to get clips with a skater in a short timespan; see how much you can get out somebody in a few hours. Hazen is pretty unknown, so it was hard to find stuff of him to figure out his skating preferences. We met on a rainy day in Amsterdam and he is the nicest, easygoing giant from SLC Utah. We got 2/3 clips without problems and from there on it went so easy. We had 4 sessions in the 17 days he was in my country. Pretty motivated and productive skater that should be in the spotlight more.

Kamil Gruba – Street 2018

Kamil received a set of #OysiChassis by capturing first place at the @crankswarsaw Cranks Street Contest 2018.

Riding for @HedonSkate and @THEMskatespl he’s cleaned up in a number of contests over the last year (winner of the Polish Rolling League) and in the meantime has produced this wonderfully produced street skating section!

Check out Be-mag for his interview article with Basztin Takemura of HedonSkate and accompanied by photos from Kuba Urbanczyk

Film & Edit: Krystian Rangotis

Additional Shots: Mateusz Lewicki

Photo: Kuba Urbańczyk

Location: Trójmiasto/Poland

Oysi – Hazen Bell

Hazen received a pair of Oysi Chassis after securing third place during the 2017 Mile High Battle in Denver Colorado. For the last year he’s been enjoying the chassis and putting in some good work. This year he received a well earned first place at Mile High Battle 2018.

Displaying a well established combination of technical skill and seemingly delicate brute force he’s produced some excellent sections as part of Geoff Phillip’s Secret Project and SLCVDX, Alex Bass’s Banditos and Pass the Salt, Manual Rodriguez’s This is Livin’, and Erik Bill’s Snake River Special III.

( We also have a great memory of him from many many many years ago, circa 2005, launching a disaster shuffle to kind grind from a small kicker to a huge dock rail during the Mile High Battle. )

We’re extremely excited to share his recently finished section with everyone.

Filmed in Salt Lake City Area by Tad Treagle with support from Nic Swan and Geoff Phillip on Panasonic VX.